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Proof of Delivery?

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DocuStor PoD - The Proof of the Pudding . . .

It's all good news. You receive a big order - you deliver the goods - you send out an invoice - HOORAY, you've done your bit, so you sit back and wait for the money to roll in. Then the nightmare scenario.

You don't get paid and you phone the customer to ask why not. "Simple", he says, "when I get my goods, I'll pay you". You know he's had them and fortunately, you make sure someone signs for every delivery made, so it's only a matter of digging out the document and sending across a copy and he'll have no excuse. But then you look for it, and it's not been filed where it should be . . . you search everywhere it could possibly be . . . you thumb through every one of the thousands of delivery notes in the filing system, but no sign of it.

That's hours of your precious time wasted and a few thousand pounds down the drain.

OK - scanning is a good idea: nothing gets lost and you can retrieve an document fast. But only if you index accurately and comprehensively, which means that someone has to append searchable data to 100% of the documents in order to be able to find perhaps the 1% required. That too is money down the drain.

Now what if you could have the best of both worlds - low-cost archiving with instant retrieval? A good investment, you would surely agree.

We at Merlin have married our DocuStor cloud-based document archiving system with SimpleIndex scanning/indexing utility. Simply put the PoDs in the scanner hopper - no presorting - and with a single click, scan and upload them to where they will be immediately available. You can email off a PoD to a customer while he's still arguing on the 'phone, and then, Hey Presto!, there's his signature - end of argument.

  • Lose a delivery note, customer won't pay - £thousands down the drain
  • Scanning? Great, but indexing 100% for the 0.1% you need - ditto
  • Answer - scan and automate the indexing
  • Merlin have married DocuStor with SimpleIndex
  • Put batch of unsorted PoDs into the scanner hopper and run
  • Our software reads the delivery note number or barcode
  • Integrates with other useful data from your database
  • Automatically uploads to DocuStor
  • Email signed PoD to customer while he's still on the phone
  • Argument settled and money on way

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