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SageLink Workflow

SageLink Workflow invoice approval software

Invoice approval - save more time (and money)

When an invoice arrives from a supplier, SageLink can boost office productivity by automating the extraction of data and updating Sage, rather than have someone read the document, look for the bits they need, then manually key it into the accounting system.

But before it gets to that stage, one or more persons, have to approve it and someone else has to clear it for payment. In conventional terms, this means that on arrival:

  • the person receiving the document, usually someone accounts, decides where that invoice must go and has to physically take it, personally or via internal mail, to someone else's in tray
  • often, these days, it's an electronic document which has to be printed out before being distributed
  • the person receiving it peruses, and signs it off and returns it to accounts for payment OR holds onto it pending resolution of a query OR returns it to accounts to forward to a more appropriate authority
  • the accounts person, finding the invoice returned, presumably with some notice scribbled on it, sends the paper to someone else either to authorise payment or to issue the approval, which could not be done by the first recipient
  • the final decision-maker receives the document in his or her in-tray, and decides whether or not to add it to the payments schedule
  • the pages then go for scanning and can enter the SageLink process

The big nonsense here is to print off an electronic document to hard copy, then scan it back to electronic format. What a waste, but what alternative is there? SageLink WorkFlow that's the alternative. Here endeth the paper chase.

Electronic documents stay electronic and hard copy specimens are scanned upon arrival. Then they are sent electronically to their respective recipients, each of whom is a DocuStor WorkFlow user. Each logs into the system and finds documents for his or her attention, although emails are automatically sent to let them know there is something for their attention. They approve them, hold them pending query, or return them for redistribution to a more appropriate approval authority - all with the click of a button.

When an invoice gets to the end of the line and is paid, it is archived away for easy retrieval with a permanent record of who approved it.

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