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DocuStor Basic

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Merlin offers an outsourced service scanning and indexing your documents for speedy retrieval whenever you have the need. But we recognise that there are occasions where the argument for an in-house system is unanswerable. This is especially so where we have captured your backlog, but economics favour an in-house solution for routine ongoing volumes with some outsourced content where staff absence or peak volumes dictate.We have therefore created that seamlessly integrates the approach to these situations and puts YOU in the driving seat. There are just four elements to master, and you can run your own successful DocuStor sites in days. These are:

  • Scan to PDF
  • Upload to web
  • Index on-line
  • Full control of user permissions

What is more, we will advise on and supply suitable scanners and provide full training for all levels of staff who will be using the system.

Easy to use DocuStor comprises three modules:


to create new users, allocate them permissions and create and modify access levels.


to add, delete and amend documents in the system, create and amend metadata, and allocate documents to user access levels.


who can search retrieve, view, print and email documents up to their access level but cannot make any changes.

The appropriate module is opened at log-in: There is only one SuperUser, who may change his or her password frequently to ensure security, but this person can allocate as many Administrators as is required. Everyone else is, by default, a Search User who can see documents with an access level allocated to them by the SuperUser and all levels below. Each module has clear instructions for use included in the page.

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