Custom Merlin

Custom solutions built just for you

There are some applications where the basic version of DocuStor.bizsimply does not supply the functionality required. Here are a few of the embellisments we've been asked to provide:

  • Multiple field indexing to allow searches on more than one piece of information if the first search draws a blank
  • Multiple folder levels
  • Boolean operators
  • Search on content via OCR
  • Presentation of results in different order and or layout
  • Ability to amend index data
  • Check-in/check-out function
  • Multiple user groups with different permission levels
  • Dependency and validity checks
  • Copy and move documents between folders
  • Workflow functions

These are just some of the features that can be built upon the Merlin Basic model, but there are an infinity of variations which can make Merlin look and work exactly as you want it.

You ask - we deliver

The process is simple: we sit down with you and discuss what you want - or alternatively, in an age when time is often too precious for meetings, and if the requirements are simple enough, jot them down in an email. We will then submit a quotation, possibly with recommendations if we feel we can offer additional features you would find useful.

If you accept it, we can have you up and running, sometimes within days if it's a fairly simple requirement.

"But what if I change my mind?"

We accept, however that you will not necessarily know exactly how you want it to work until you've tried it, so unlike many software providers, we don't insist that the specification is set in stone and you sign in blood. was designed right from basic concept as a modular construction. This allows it to be flexible and easily adaptable to change.

We like to explore concepts, perhaps implementing a bit at a time, and invoicing as we go so that you keep control of the budget. Minor changes we will usually put in at little or no extra charge as we value customer goodwill very highly. Then at the end of the day, you get the system you want, at a fraction the price demanded by others.