Merlin Docustor

Effective EDM for the cost of having your bin emptied! is Merlin's online electronic filing facility: it's been carefully designed for ease of use, scalability, and security. You have access to the web, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, and you have access to your documents.

Worried that the internet is available to everyone? You certainly don't want every Tom, Dick and Harry seeing your documents. Fear not - we've provided a secure portal to ensure only those that should see them can.

Need to find a document QUICK? It couldn't be simpler - just enter a keyword and displays a list of hits. Click on one to open it, then page through it, print it, email it, or fax it. To see just how simple, click on the Demo tab above.

And it won't break the bank - DocuStor is an SaaS (Software as a Service) product which means that you pay a modest monthly subscription and get the benefits straight away, WITH NO CAPITAL OUTLAY.

In-house AND outsource

With, you can have us do your backlog (see our SCANNING page), then carry on with the ongoing until you have a spate of absences or a major increase in business which gives you more work than you can cope with. Then you can call us in again to pick up a batch of work while you carry on working with the new stuff, so you never fall behind. is designed to allow multiple input streams.

Three different classes of user

Most users will only need to retrieve documents so the normal SEARCH USER can find the documents but CANNOT make any changes to them, nor add new ones. Both these and many more functions can be carried out by an ADMINISTRATOR and you can create as few or as many as you like - at no additional cost. There is a third class of user that doesn't actually have access to documents - that's the SUPERUSER who can create new users and administrators and modify permissions for existing ones.

Three evolutions plus some useful add-ons

Horses for courses. The basic version has a single searchable field for documents within selectable volumes; Evo1 has a single displayed field for documents within volumes searchable on up to four fields; Evo2 has up to four variable and searchable fields for documents within selectable volumes. DocuStor Capture is supplied along with free PDF maker, CutePDF which allows capture of soft documents without the absurdity of printing out and then scanning. And once documents have been uploaded, the files need to be removed from the default location – MoveDocustor.bat is a simple utility that does it with a single click.

Not our words . . .

The product has been reviewed by Document Management Magazine who report - remarkably low Total Cost of
Ownership . . . simplicity of approach . . . little or no IT function involvement . . . no licensing fees . . . hard to come up with reasons not to give it serious consideration . . . could well attract a whole new customer base into scanning.


We've made it so easy has the lowest cost of ownership of any in the market - no up-front costs and from just £30 + VAT per month hosting/admin fee for up to 10gb - equivalent to ½ million scanned A4 pages. NO ADDED COSTS FOR USER LICENCES. Have a look at the online demo to see how easy it is to retrieve documents, then download the brochure to get the full picture, and then place your subscription which will be up and running within 3 working days.

How safe?

Last but not least, there is the matter of security of your documents - not just from prying eyes, but from the ultimate disaster of total loss. You may rest easy - Merlin uses well-established server operators who employ the very latest RAID and mirroring technology to ensure that no matter what happens, everything is INSTANTLY recoverable. In addition, you have the option of CD backups for belt, braces and safety pin peace of mind.

How secure is this compared with the horror stories of fires in offices and document storage warehouses where the only copies of vast tracts of business documentation are lost without hope of recovery?